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Spruce Tree Felling

We don't often have space to fell a tree of this size but this week we had a chance. There was a clear line to bring the tree down in and it was done safely using a felling notch and wedges. Bringing a large tree down to the ground to be dismantled is much quicker [...]

Cool nights = Less Watering

It is getting much cooler at night, time to slow down the watering of trees and shrubs, this will allow them a chance to "harden off" before the cold Winter ahead... Watering too late into the season can cause your trees and shrubs to stay active when they should be starting to shut down for [...]

Watering Trees in Calgary

We just added an article about watering trees in Calgary, written by ISA Certified Arborist Matthew Davis. Check out the link below. [jbutton a_css="text-decoration: none;" link="" color="gray" ]Watering Trees Article[/jbutton]

Highlights from April 2012

We have been hard at work this Spring season. It has been getting late for pruning many trees before they leaf out so we been doing more tree removals lately. We put together this slideshow.

Wind Damaged Trees in Calgary

Many, many broken trees in Calgary today due to the wind. Wanted to post some of the images we got today - Pretty unreal. Click on any of the images for the large file. We will post more when we have time.

The City of Calgary has released a survey to be completed by members of the public asking questions about maintaining and growing our city's urban forest. It asks some great questions, first testing the respondent's knowledge and opinion of the current state of our trees. It then moves on to questions regarding the care and [...]

At this time of year, when the leaves are changing colors it is important to properly water trees and shrubs to help prevent damage in the winter. In early fall (mid September) you should stop watering trees.The trees will still be actively growing in September and added moisture will slow the onset of dormancy which [...]

We removed this Poplar back in June and just got the video together. We had the help of a crane to reduce the impact on the area under the tree in our client's yard. Our Arborist Nora is the one in the tree. The crane made the job very quick (approx. 3 hrs) and clean. [...]

On Saturday we were out using our new chemical free weed control system at the Tuscany Community Garden in Calgary. Community gardens have become extremely popular in the past few years in Calgary due in no small part to the efforts of the Calgary Horticultural Society. The Tuscany Garden has been a long time in [...]

A hole in your hedge?

We have been seeing a number of hedges around Calgary the last few years that are severely infested with Oystershell Scale. The damage appears as large sections of the hedge that "dieback" or fail to leaf out due to the infestation. This results in a very patchy, ragged look. As you can see in the [...]