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Almost three weeks have passed since a rare early snow storm swept through southern Alberta. Large amounts of wet, heavy snow fell and accumulated quickly on our trees full of foliage causing branches to bend, sag and snap under the weight. Trees that had been regularly pruned properly were less likely to suffer some of [...]

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Calgary Tree Watering Diagram

We just added an article about watering trees in Calgary, written by ISA Certified Arborist Matthew Davis. Check out the link below. Watering Trees Article

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We have been hard at work this Spring season. It has been getting late for pruning many trees before they leaf out so we been doing more tree removals lately. We put together this slideshow. Tree Removals and Employee Training

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Many, many broken trees in Calgary today due to the wind. Wanted to post some of the images we got today – Pretty unreal. Click on any of the images for the large file. We will post more when we have time.

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At this time of year, when the leaves are changing colors it is important to properly water trees and shrubs to help prevent damage in the winter. In early fall (mid September) you should stop watering trees.The trees will still be actively growing in September and added moisture will slow the onset of dormancy which [...]

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We removed this Poplar back in June and just got the video together. We had the help of a crane to reduce the impact on the area under the tree in our client’s yard. Our Arborist Nora is the one in the tree. The crane made the job very quick (approx. 3 hrs) and clean. [...]

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The City of Calgary has released a survey to be completed by members of the public asking questions about maintaining and growing our city’s urban forest. It asks some great questions, first testing the respondent’s knowledge and opinion of the current state of our trees. It then moves on to questions regarding the care and [...]

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We have seen some fairly serious damage to tree due to the weather we have gotten this past week. The wind on Monday caused some breakage as well as the wet, heavy snow we got shortly after. The Spruce above had co-dominant stems which we touched on in a previous post. The heavy winds caused [...]

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Has the top of your Spruce tree ever looked like this? The insect that causes this damage is the White Pine Weevil. It’s name is deceiving, at least in our area, here it mainly does it’s damage to Spruce trees. This weevil is a small brown beetle with a long ‘snout‘. Although the adult is [...]

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Usually at this time of year we are rushing to finish up our Elm pruning for our clients. This is due to the pruning ban that is put in place annually to protect our Elms. Calgary is one of the few places in North America that remains Dutch Elm Disease free. The ban goes into [...]

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