Pests and Disease

Sunscald Damage

Sunscald damage occurs in winter and early spring and affects the south west side of thin bark trees. Many trees start with a thin bark that becomes thicker and rougher with time as the tree ages. A few trees like Mayday, Cherry and Mountain ash do not get thicker bark with age and remain very [...]

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Has the top of your Spruce tree ever looked like this? The insect that causes this damage is the White Pine Weevil. It’s name is deceiving, at least in our area, here it mainly does it’s damage to Spruce trees. This weevil is a small brown beetle with a long ‘snout‘. Although the adult is [...]

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Usually at this time of year we are rushing to finish up our Elm pruning for our clients. This is due to the pruning ban that is put in place annually to protect our Elms. Calgary is one of the few places in North America that remains Dutch Elm Disease free. The ban goes into [...]

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We have been seeing a number of hedges around Calgary the last few years that are severely infested with Oystershell Scale. The damage appears as large sections of the hedge that “dieback” or fail to leaf out due to the infestation. This results in a very patchy, ragged look. As you can see in the [...]

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