Tree Damage And Breakage

Almost three weeks have passed since a rare early snow storm swept through southern Alberta. Large amounts of wet, heavy snow fell and accumulated quickly on our trees full of foliage causing branches to bend, sag and snap under the weight. Trees that had been regularly pruned properly were less likely to suffer some of [...]

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Many, many broken trees in Calgary today due to the wind. Wanted to post some of the images we got today – Pretty unreal. Click on any of the images for the large file. We will post more when we have time.

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We have seen some fairly serious damage to tree due to the weather we have gotten this past week. The wind on Monday caused some breakage as well as the wet, heavy snow we got shortly after. The Spruce above had co-dominant stems which we touched on in a previous post. The heavy winds caused [...]

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What to look for when trying to determine if your tree might have issues that could lead to failure.   Wind Damage In late April and Early May we saw some severe tree damage due to the storms we had blowing through town. In addition to the snow, we also had some high winds that [...]

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Wind and Snow Damage

On April 29th 2010 in Calgary, Alberta there was a significant winter storm that caused many issues including tree failures. Along with all the snow that has fallen in Calgary over the past few days, there has been a significant amount of wind. The damage to the utility poles around Alberta is a testament to [...]

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