Though trees go dormant during the winter months, we work year round. Many trees should only be pruned while dormant in the Winter months. We also offer our ReLeaf Tree Fertilizer programs to help strengthen the root system and increase the overall hardiness of your trees & shrubs to help them thrive through the winter [...]

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Arborist Tree Removal Calgary

A shot from todays job where one of our young Arborists was removing a dead Boxelder

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Adair Tree Care is Hiring!

*Updated July 27th 2015 Adair Tree Care is looking to add a member to our team. We require an experienced Arborist to start immediately. We are also looking to fill an entry level position for an apprentice Arborist. We are a growing company focused on quality of work and employee and client satisfaction. We offer: [...]

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Watering Trees in Calgary

It is getting much cooler at night, time to slow down the watering of trees and shrubs, this will allow them a chance to “harden off” before the cold Winter ahead… Watering too late into the season can cause your trees and shrubs to stay active when they should be starting to shut down for [...]

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Many, many broken trees in Calgary today due to the wind. Wanted to post some of the images we got today – Pretty unreal. Click on any of the images for the large file. We will post more when we have time.

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Usually at this time of year we are rushing to finish up our Elm pruning for our clients. This is due to the pruning ban that is put in place annually to protect our Elms. Calgary is one of the few places in North America that remains Dutch Elm Disease free. The ban goes into [...]

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