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Spraying for Weeds at the Tuscany Community Garden – With No Chemicals!

On Saturday we were out using our new chemical free weed control system at the Tuscany Community Garden in Calgary. Community gardens have become extremely popular in the past few years in Calgary due in no small part to the efforts of the Calgary Horticultural Society.

The Tuscany Garden has been a long time in the making but ground was broken in the past couple weeks despite the rain. The Garden has a news blog to keep volunteers and residents informed on the process.

We were asked to spray an area to allow for the new construction. In most traditional landscape renovation projects this would have called for use of a non-selective herbicide such as Round-Up™. Being that this is a community garden, the designers wanted to use a more environmentally friendly approach.

Chemical Free Weed Control at Tuscany Community Garden

Spraying grass at the new garden

Our system uses boiling water to kill weeds. When the super heated water is applied to any vegetation it destroys the cellular structure of the plant on contact. It is very useful for killing grass for new shrub or flower bed installation, maintaining shrub beds and controlling weeds in parking lots, driveways and pathways. It can be used in basically any application that a traditional non selective herbicide would be used.

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