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Did You Know That We Plant Trees?

It’s tree planting season!

Our crew has been busy this past week installing new trees for our client’s that have had to remove trees over the past year. Each Spring we replace many trees that were lost the previous year.Tree Planting and Replacement Calgary AB Planting trees properly is very important to ensuring that they live a long, healthy life so why not hire a professional to ensure they are put in correctly?

The most important step in tree planting comes before anything else. Thought must be given to selecting the right tree for the right spot. Mature size, fruit/seed production, and what light, soil and moisture conditions the tree needs should all be considered prior to visiting the garden centre to pick a tree. This will prevent a myriad of problems which can result in the tree outgrowing it’s space, becoming stressed or requiring premature removal.

Second to selecting the right tree for the right spot, the next most important thing to be sure of is that you tree is not planted too deep. The point where the lower trunk starts to flare out and transition into roots must be at the level of the finished grade or slightly above to ensure the tree gets the oxygen it needs and ensures that our heavy clay soils don’t contribute to the tree possibly drowning after planting.

Selecting the right tree for the right spot and ensuring the tree is planted at the right depth will avoid the two biggest problems we see with tree planting in Calgary however there are many things you can do to ensure your trees are installed correctly. For more information and step by step instructions on how to properly plant trees see the article linked below

Tree Planting Instructions

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