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Spring Tree Fertilization Starting May 3rd 2010

Our Spring fertilizer run is starting in the first week of May.

Any previous clients who would like continue with our service are encouraged to call or email us to confirm the visit or get answers any questions they may have. As usual we will be contacting all clients the last week of April to confirm schedules and discuss details.

Our tree fertilizer is custom blended locally and designed for use in our unique Calgary climate. The analysis of 11-26-27 ensures your trees receive the nutrients they need but don’t take up too much Nitrogen which can result in weak growth and an increased chance of pest and disease problems. In addition the big three nutrients (Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium) our fertilizer contains the micro-nutrients required by all trees but supplies them in a form that is easy for trees to take up, even in our tough clay soils.

We use a water soluble fertilizer that is injected 6-8″ below the soil surface ensuring that the trees get the maximum benefit because it is applied below the roots of the lawn which allows the trees to receive maximum uptake. Another bonus to water soluble fertilizer is that there is less chance of burning roots by over-applying because it is pre-diluted before it is applied. Use of fertilizer spikes is a common practice. The idea is that the spikes will provide a slow release of nutrients into the root zone, often though when the soil dries out the concentration of fertilizer salts builds up and draws water back out of the roots. Usually a water soluble fertilizer is preferred because it delivered with sufficient moisture to be available to the plant immediately. Also it reduces the problems of root burn.

If you would like more information regarding our services or would like a quote for fertilizing your trees please give us a call at 403-686-6030 or visit our website where you can request a quote or get other information regarding our services.

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