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Tree Climbing

CTV News Calgary stopped by yesterday to discuss the effect of the warm and very dry Winter weather on our urban trees. Check out the link to view the video story.

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A great video clip shot by our crew last week shows the methods of low impact rigging we can use to ensure that our client’s property is protected when we remove a large tree in a tight location.

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Expert Tree Removal

One of our staff caught a time lapse video of our crew removing a Spruce tree a few days ago. The tree unfortunately had to be removed to allow for repair to the foundation of the building. 45 minutes of work in a 33 second video.

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Almost three weeks have passed since a rare early snow storm swept through southern Alberta. Large amounts of wet, heavy snow fell and accumulated quickly on our trees full of foliage causing branches to bend, sag and snap under the weight. Trees that had been regularly pruned properly were less likely to suffer some of [...]

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We removed this Poplar back in June and just got the video together. We had the help of a crane to reduce the impact on the area under the tree in our client’s yard. Our Arborist Nora is the one in the tree. The crane made the job very quick (approx. 3 hrs) and clean. [...]

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