Almost three weeks have passed since a rare early snow storm swept through southern Alberta. Large amounts of wet, heavy snow fell and accumulated quickly on our trees full of foliage causing branches to bend, sag and snap under the weight. Trees that had been regularly pruned properly were less likely to suffer some of [...]

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Expert Tree Removal

Spruce Tree Felling

A quick video showing the removal of a large Spruce tree in Calgary We don’t often have space to fell a tree of this size but this week we had a chance. There was a clear line to bring the tree down in and it was done safely using a felling notch and wedges. Bringing [...]

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The City of Calgary has released a survey to be completed by members of the public asking questions about maintaining and growing our city’s urban forest. It asks some great questions, first testing the respondent’s knowledge and opinion of the current state of our trees. It then moves on to questions regarding the care and [...]

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